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10 things to consider when choosing fender solutions

Your step to safer maritime operations

Are you facing the choice of a fender solution? This choice can be crucial for the safety and efficiency of your operations at sea. If you go for the wrong fender it can jeopardize both your finances and the safety of your crew.

In this checklist, you can explore:

  • The Purpose of the Fender: Tailored solutions for your specific needs.

  • Transport and Logistics: How to get the fender where it is needed?

  • Maintenance and Lifespan: Ensuring long life and efficiency for your fenders.

  • Handling and Installing: Smart strategies for installation, tool selection, and training.
  • Economic Considerations: What's the best choice for you?

  • After Use: Explore options for reuse and environmentally friendly waste management.

Explore 10 key points that take you from specification to fender selection – all for safer and more efficient maritime operations.
Download today and enhance your understanding of fender solutions for a safer workplace!

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About the author

Nikolai Bakker

Nikolai has more than 10 years of experience in the maritime industry, where he has worked in both the private and corporate section. He has particular expertise in logistics and safety solutions at sea.

Nikolai is CEO at MarLog, Denmark, and Commercial Manager at MarLog, Norway, with primary responsibility for several of MarLog’s products. In his role as Marketing Manager, he draws on his experience from the maritime industry and his many years of working at MarLog. When customers are looking for advice and guidance with the various products, including fender solutions, Nikolai and his colleagues is the point of contact.


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